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Sixteen-year-old Kayla faces the harsh London streets of gangland culture for the first time. Her mother already dead, her only protector and loving elder sister Tanya is one day brutally murdered by violent gang leader Trey.

Now alone, and not knowing where to turn, she finds refuge and acceptance in a girl gang led by the damaged, man-hating Danielle. She enlists the gang's help to get retribution for the murder of her beloved sister. Vengeance is now Kayla's motive, and she will stop at nothing until Trey is brought to justice.

Featuring an exciting cast including Lily Loveless (Skins) Emma Hartley-Miller, Ashley Walters (Bullet Boy) and introducing Aimee Kelly as Kayla, SKET is a powerful, intense and exhilarating film that captures the current trend of female gang culture sweeping through the UK, and showcases new music from Giggs, Skream, Mz Bratt and Ghetts.



Release date: 28-Oct-2011

Director: Nirpal Bhogal
Cast: Ashley Walters, Lily Loveless, Riann Steele, Aimee Kelly, Emma Hartley-Miller, Adelayo Adedayo, Varada Sethu, Richie Campbell
Certificate: 15
Genre: All