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Gunslinger Films, a standalone production company supported by leading independent distributor Revolver Entertainment, launched in 2009 with its first feature production, Shank, which went on to become a huge success at the UK box office and then on DVD and Blu-ray. The film was also distributed in 10 foreign territories including France, Germany and Holland.

The production arm was spurned by a well perceived gap in the UK urban youth market and subsequent successes drew upon Revolver’s extensive distribution expertise with similar films, such as Kidulthood.

This led to an innovative marketing strategy for the release of Shank, a campaign that spoke directly to fans of this burgeoning genre - an example of this being the collaboration of urban musician Ashley 'Bashy' Thomas, who stars in the film, alongside Adam Deacon and Kaya Scodelario, who created a music video for "When The Sky Falls," the title track from the film, which garnered more than 1.3M views on YouTube. The Facebook page for the film currently has over 97,000 'likes' and is growing by the rate of a 1,000 new fans a week.

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The follow up to Shank, Anuvahood - an urban comedy devised and penned by Kidulthood and Shank star Adam Deacon, the first film of its kind ever made in the UK, was shot in September 2010 and co-directed by Deacon himself, alongside Dan Toland. Once again the Revolver marketing machine kicked in and instantly engaged with the Shank community on Facebook and Twitter to build up awareness for Anuvahood. This strategy paid dividends as come the theatrical launch in March 2011 we had an avid fan base of over 60,000 'likes' on Facebook – a community we had kept entertained and engaged through the use of fun interactive content, competitions and virals, along with a hugely popular trailer that was viewed over 1.3M times by the time the film was released. With the film generating so much buzz pre-release, Revolver upped the ante with the marketing spend and invested in national TV and radio advertising, as well as a high profile poster campaign on the London Underground.

The film opened on 149 screens and grossed an impressive £536,818 on its opening weekend, providing a very healthy £3,603 screen average. It was the NO. 1 film in London and ranked 7th nationwide and after 5 weeks on general release has grossed £2.1M, a company record!

In early 2011 the third Gunslinger production, Sket, a girl gang retribution thriller started principal photography for a 4 week shoot. Starring Ashley Walters and a cast of freshly discovered young talent, Sket was released in cinemas in September 2011 and is set for a home entertainment release on March 5th 2012.

The company has now green lit a further feature film, Offender, which will be shooting in February 2012 and will hot UK screens in the Autumn.

Gunslinger's primary focus is to produce films aimed at local audiences, utilising the phenomenal talent available in the UK. We are particularly excited about the prospects of breaking new, undiscovered, talent both on and off screen which has been integral to the success of Gunslinger’s slate so far. Our films have also had international success, as evidenced by our most recent production, which has pre-sold to 13 foreign territories already.


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Gunslinger is accepting submissions for feature length films in all genres through our online submission form only.  Click here to access the submission release form.

We are not interested in television, shorts, or documentaries at this time.  Given the volume of queries we are unable to respond to every submission but if we are interested in your project we will contact you.